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Оффлайн Jupiteris

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До конца моей страховки остался месяц, нужно решать продлевать ее или нет. Несмотря на то, что машина у меня не новая, я решил оформить КАСКО. Но как вы понимаете, за год страхового случая у меня не было. Теперь думаю сэкономить и оформить просто ОСАГО. Что скажите?

Оффлайн Kliks

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Закон подлости еще никто не отменял. Хотите сэкономить просите у брокера, который вам оформлял КАСКО, скидку на второй год. Я бы страховался по полной, а вы уже решайте сами.

Оффлайн Losti

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Выбор вида автострахования, это всегда сложный вопрос. Но если вы аккуратный водитель, не рискуете на дороге, то смысла в КАСКО я не вижу. Стоимость ОСАГО примерно у всех страховых компаниях одинаковая. Как вариант, можете узнать стоимость автострахования и выбрать наиболее выгодное для себя предложение среди страховых компаний, к примеру, здесь

Оффлайн Messe

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Если уже и оформлять КАСКО, то выбирать нужно страховую компанию с хорошей репутацией. А то у меня знакомый, оформил автостраховку и до сих пор не может получить компенсацию, которая ему положена при страховом случае. Уже даже в суд собрался.

Оффлайн Tammylaf

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I am Allister from Mumbai married to Alisha with 1 child, I stay at Dadar as well as my MIL also utilized to hug us next lane and also later on after retirement shifted to Panvel. I was very attracted ... cheating
I am Allister from Mumbai married to Alisha with 1 kid, I stay at Dadar and also my MIL also made use of to hug us next lane and later after retirement changed to Panvel. I was really interested to my MIL because the day I first met her she has little boobs as well as an extremely great round butt reasonable and very alluring. We both always had an excellent connection as SIL and MIL and also constantly friendly, I never thought that we would certainly ever before end up sharing a bed as well as delight in such pleasureful time.
After her retirement she utilized ahead to our residence to satisfy our little girl in addition to her little girl and stay with us for some couple of days and also leave back so additionally we made use of to go to Panvel as well as hang out this made use of to take place but absolutely nothing occurred during nowadays. On one Sunday when she was flexing and serving my spouse when I simply got a glimpse of her attractive small boobs but nipples were somehow just how visible as well as after just checking out the boobs I desperately intended to see her nipple areas as well as kept trying for days with each other and also didn't let any kind of celebration however was somehow not possible however in this duration she discovered some change and understood that I was peeping to obtain the glimpse and in some way she stopped doing such actions.
After a month it was once again we existed at Panvel as well as I again I can peep as well as see and also the next day I found that she was just discovering celebrations to bend and also let me see the peek and this proceeded for some days. I simply built up some guts and when she was cooking toughed her waistline from behind and also started offering her a massage therapy for which she told someone will certainly come do not do and also I immediately quit as well as went and beinged in the hall seeing TELEVISION, at some time later she came and asked was I angry I stated no as well as she just smiled and also told me my FIL is mosting likely to his indigenous with my BIL for some work the next day I just stated ok as well as she left immediately afterwards it clicked me that indirectly she is simply welcoming me, currently the trouble is I had my spouse and child I in some way made her all set that we both return to Mumbai for this I can see my MIL long face. We left the following day to Mumbai and also instantly for 3 days I took leave from workplace yet really did not notify this to my other half my plan was to head to Panvel as my MIL was all alone. For the surprise following early morning I reached Panvel and also by MIL had a very pleased face considering me as well as quickly requested for her little girl I claimed I came alone simply for you and also she was all blushing. I really did not recognized what to claim she informed me to rest as well as she gazed preparing tea as well as I just went behind her as well as stared massaging her waist for which she once more stated someone will certainly come and it's not right but i simply overlooked whatever as well as informed her no person is right here as well as it's just you as well as me please don't say no as well as my hands reached her boobs and just pushed it she began pulling off my hands and I simply maintained forcing it over her towels then ultimately I just turned off the gas and also took her to the bed room as well as locked both people inside and also ensured her that no one is around its simply you as well as me please don't say no currently I have actually been waiting for this moment from such a very long time, let me see your boobs and also have fun with them as well as suck your nipples like a kid she was just hesitating however somehow I simply obtained my hands inside her maxi and also reached till her boobs as well as stared feeling her tiny nipples till this moment she had simply surrendered her body to me without waiting much time as well as I eliminated her maxi and started pressing her boobs and also drew her nipple areas similar to a child. She really did not liked what had happen so she was simply crying and I started consoling her as well as told her that me and her little girl don't have a great sex-related life and also she confessed about her relationship with my FIL is additionally not that excellent it was afternoon we had some food as well as I in some way gaming consoled and also she was silent as well as quickly after finishing lunch she hugged me and also I could not stop myself as well as looked pushing her big butt from behind and also again took her to the room as well as told her it's rather ok to have such partnership we are simply trying to meet our covert desires and told her not to stop as well as let it proceed according to the circulation and simply drew her maxi as well as started massing her magnificent butt and then began playing with her hirsute pussy and asked her to clear those hair as well as come for the surprise she just did as I said as well as I looked licking her pussy which simply made he go horny as well as when I discovered her comfy on the bed offered her my penis to play she was to start with thinking twice and afterwards I drew her head near my penis and also offered her to suck it for my surprise she was simply excellent and also as soon as after this simply really did not squandered much time used some coconut oil to her pussy and my prick and just moved it in and also in till it just got to deep within and the sexual moaning sound was just originating from her mouth and also begging to go sluggish considering that she had actually never had any sexual intercourse for many years somehow simply had it slow and ultimately cleared all my cum inside her pussy for it being risk-free as her womb has already been gotten rid of. Promptly after this I called my spouse as well as told her that I was at Panvel as I had been for a conference as well as would be remaining there. We both had dinner and as a young pair again went inside the bed room as well as have 2 even more sessions and also rested. Next day we had bathroom together and also once more proceeded she also was too comfy and enjoying the existence of my prick inside her pussy. It's nearly over 2 years we both are having an excellent sexual life, simply drilled all her holes (Mouth, Pussy & Anal) as well as nearly tried many different placements also. Whenever I get comp offs that just gets looked to our honeymoon time.

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Сегодня в 09:35:31 от MarinK

Беспокоят зачастившиеся вздутия живота. Не могу понять никак из-за чего они происходят и что делать? Какие средства могут помочь, кто в курсе?
Сегодня в 09:03:32 от volkov13

Во всем мире продажи автомобилей снижаются, в Европе на 2%, в развивающихся странах (всякие Индии-Бангладеши-Буркина-Фасо) аж на целых 5%. Но у нас в ...
Вчера в 23:20:24 от Сергей Селин

Где можно поменять аккумулятор на 11 айфоне, желательно с гарантией?
Вчера в 17:54:32 от Kurilov

Привет всем! Коллеги, я занимаюсь строительством дома, пока дачного, но со временем будем там жить. Так вот, я бы хотел выложить плиткой. Что посовету...
Вчера в 16:09:40 от katyabajrak

Подскажите пожалуйста, где я могу купить мужу помпу для увеличения члена, потому что у него ну очень маленький  :bv:




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