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Jeff Gladney  CB  TCUHeight: 5-10Pounds: 191Participant ProfileOfficial Incorporate PageStrengths:The 1st matter that jumps out at oneself Though scouting Gladney are his improved-than-marketed ball competencies. He printed an awesome 26 move deflections more than his last 2 seasons, a great number of of which were being designed likely by way of the footwork tempo, far better-than-ordinary arm duration and his over-all electrical power towards adhere with his gentleman during the completion of their path Tennessee Titans Jerseys. Gladney is easily location a gentle proprietor within just insurance policies. Gladney does a Good activity attacking the ball at the capture stage with an competitive state of mind, and contains the output towards present for it.Gladney never ever usually takes a perform off. His engine remained constantly significant all all through my tape analysis. On your own get pleasure from how feisty and inspired he is as a tackler. Tackling can from time to time be a misplaced artwork with today collegiate cornerbacks, however Gladney isn just one of individuals corners. He consistently flashes the electrical power in the direction of safely and securely wrap-up and comprehensive the cope with, even anytime tasked with bringing down a recipient Cale Garrett Jersey, limited conclusion or functioning again with a crystal clear measurement convenience higher than him.Gladney performed inside of a wide range of insurance coverage techniques through his year at TCU, nevertheless I felt that he did his suitable function any time functioning within thrust-guy Harry Douglas Jersey. His potential skilled workers would be smart towards make it possible for him in direction of participate in loads of thrust insurance coverage at the following point. It the place his revolutionary footwork, competitive state of mind and all round fluidity are authorized toward genuinely do well Youth Titans Jerseys.Weaknesses:You which include toward look at added of people move deflections switch into takeaways at the upcoming point. Takeaways are king at the subsequent issue and the aforementioned 26 move deflections in excess of the outside of 2 many years had been just fulfilled with 3 interceptions. Demonstrating up at 191 fat at the NFL Scouting Mix was a earn for him, considering that he was currently shown at exactly 183 and there ended up periods upon tape exactly where a more substantial vast recipient was capable in direction of bully him a minor little bit. The arm period passes the threshold look at, yet isn definitely elite Kenny Vaccaro Jersey.Does he suit the Titans? Certainly. Gladney is an competitive corner with a confirmed monitor background of currently being equipped in direction of assault the capture fact with exceptional achievements. Jon Robinson is made up of positioned an target upon attaining defensive backs with a record of ball generation, and Gladney would completely suit the mildew. He a darkish-horse in the direction of monitor each time the Titans arrive upon the clock at 29th over-all.  Titans Information: Ridiculous at Madden Scores  Derrick Henry; Optimistic at soccer Titans DL Larrell Murchison trains with NFL legend Robert Mathis.



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